This project is about an invitation on a journey where opulent colors, lavish textures, and a mix of vintage and contemporary call for an exploration of the boundaries of beauty.

The owners, a young couple settled in Milan, wanted an apartment with a playful, light and fresh character that could become the container for their collection of works of art, paintings and family heirlooms.

There was a little space reconfiguring to be done before the fun could begin. The functions of the open space area have been delimited thanks to the glass window in the center of the room, which at the same time divides and unites the space, allowing the passage of light. The interiors tread a fine balance between a traditional and contemporary aesthetic, giving emphasis to a sophisticated and artistic color palette. Acid green and blue, in fact, predominate throughout the house, starting with a moody blue in the entrance, and proceeding to combine in the living and kitchen, where blue, pale mint and acid green make for a stylish combination on furniture and walls.

Making the objects on site makes them seem even more special and linked to the lives of the owners and the house.  A playful floor is the centerpiece in the bathroom, with custom tiles, inspired by Japanese pavement patterns, designed by the studio for this project. The room reflects the colors of the apartment: the headboard is covered in an acid green fabric with a custom-made wardrobe painted in petroleum. The furnishings are a mix of industrially produced, custom-made and antique objects.