Sometimes the application of color is so engaging that it becomes more of an experienced sensation than a visual effect. You don’t necessarily stop to look at the color, it becomes part of your interior experience. Other times, of course, color provides a vibrant layer that fills your vision with its intensity. In this apartment in Milan’s southern suburbs, she takes on both captivating roles.

Structurally the house was in good order. The challenge was to introduce an identity – one which reflected both halves of the couple. She loved color and pattern, and he favored clean-lined, classic design. The choices: a delicate balancing act of color, a mix of modern and classic piecies, and pattern interspersed with neutrals.

Whilst no one particular color palette is adhered to (Indian yellow, light grey and coral), it is the consistently bold use of color itself which helps create a sense of cohesion. Parts of the open space area are also painted yellow, yellow custom geometrical tiles for the kitchen and the whiter bathroom is offset by glazed watercolor tiles, always in the same color. An eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary furniture is another unifying thread throughout the house.

The result has the desired effect for its owners – a simultaneously contemporary and traditional home for a young family, who enjoys sharing moments with family & friends.