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NOMASS, from the Greek νομάς (nomad), is a creative studio that spans various areas of design, from architecture to interior and product design. Founded by Nadia Vlasopoulou, the studio’s creations offer a new interpretation of design which combines present and past, establishing the foundations of the future. Through the use of colors, patterns, objects and other creative forms – coming from diverse cultures and historical periods – the studio creates objects, spaces and situations referring to our primitive nomadic nature. NOMASS is a collector of memories; a contemporary nomad who brings his own history by moving through time and space, giving his own contemporary definition of life.


Nadia Vlasopoulou, of Greek origin, graduated from the University of Patras (Greece 2014) in Civil Engineering. She continued her training with a master’s degree at the Milan Polytechnic in Interior Design, following her artistic nature. After completing her studies, she began her professional career in Milan, collaborating in the fields of architecture, interior & product design at a national and international level. She has been involved in projects of building renovations, architectural planning in the residential and hotel sector and in surface/textile design projects for famous international companies of the sector. Thanks to the mixture of technical background and creative soul, she manages to harness the indomitable creativity with reason.


We offer a complete design service in the fields of architecture & interior design, creating and developing dedicated human-centered concepts in line with the studio’s philosophy.


  • Renovations: from preliminary planning to executive planning, municipal permits and works management
  • Interior design
  • Restyling
  • Interior consultancy

We design surfaces, furniture and objects for international brands, starting from the concept of the cultural memory up to that of global metissage, with a narrative approach.