Henri Fantin-Latour said: “You paint people like you paint flowers in a vase…but what about interiority…The soul is like music that plays behind the veil of the flesh. You can’t paint it but you can make it feel.”

Making the soul of the owners felt, making a speech about memory and roots was the starting point.

The owners, lovers of art and the 60s, wanted a space that reflected their shared passions and past experiences lived separately: he in Venice, she in Morocco, united in Milan. The space needed a story to live up to the exciting lives of the owners. Starting from an analysis of the images – common and different – that each of them carries within themselves, we developed a hybrid and homogeneous language, which was in tune with their personalities.

“Surgical” changes to the layout have refined the overall flow. For a more contemporary result, the space has been reconfigured thanks to the mix of classic architectural elements and a sophisticated & lively color palette. Color becomes a structural element, communicating with art, craftsmanship and design. The furnishings are a collection of objets trouvés, paintings from private collections and antiques; a unique mix that reflects the personalities of the owners. Where possible, the artisanal element was highlighted, from the stained glass window, from the blue calcite backsplash, from the bathroom furniture with Moroccan references to the blown glass lamps and mirrors.