From the 1880s until the First World War, western Europe and the United States witnessed the development of Art Nouveau (“New Art”). Taking inspiration from the unruly aspects of the natural world, Art Nouveau influenced art and architecture especially in the applied arts, graphic work, and illustration through its sinuous lines and “whiplash” curves.

The unfolding of Art Nouveau’s flowing line may be understood as a metaphor for the freedom and release sought by its practitioners and admirers from the weight of artistic tradition. On the same time, the Art Nouveau movement by embracing organic and natural forms, aimed to reject the mass-produced aesthetic of the Industrial Revolution.

Arcum pays homage to these notorious eras of romance, modernism and openness to experimentation. Inspired by Art Nouveau imagery, Arcum unfolds as a bespoke contemporary stained glass window assembled with craftsmanship by Wallpepper Group.

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